Lag B’Omer Celebration – May 18th



             Literally, Lag B’Omer refers to the 33rd day of the counting of the omer (an omer is a quantity of barley that would have been offered in thanksgiving during the days of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem).  Historically, this 33rd day has stood out as a very fortunate and auspicious day for the Jewish people.  Over time it became a day of great communal celebration.

Today, Lag B’Omer is celebrated in several ways, with picnics, bonfires, weddings and gathering together outdoors.  My favorite custom of Lag B’Omer is going outdoors with the community, playing games and having fun.

This year, we all have a great opportunity to participate with our Jewish community in an afternoon of celebrating outdoors at the BerniceJacobsonDay School and CampGrounds in Old Brookville.  Please take a look at the flyer attached…  Join us for fun, food and activities.  Play Mini Golf with Rabbi Chizner or join the more than 100 families that have already signed up for Archery, Gaga, Ultimate Frisbee and so much more!!

Bring your children, bring your grandchildren, tell your friends and come out and spend a wonderful day celebrating Lag B’Omer.

You can sign up by clicking on this link and filling in the form

Looking forward to seeing you!

Rabbi Todd Chizner