It’s Not Too Late To Order Purim Packages!


The Sisterhood of WRJ is holding Its

Fifth Annual

Purim Package Project

Purim Package

What?  You didn’t order your

 Purim Package order yet?

There’s a little time left.

  What is a Purim Package? It is the giving of food and gifts to friends and family. It is a heartfelt way to create meaningful connections within our temple community.  Through this project, you can participate by giving beautiful gift packages that will include Purim-related items like hamantashen, juice, dried and fresh fruit, chocolate and other items to make this a special treat. We sent information by e-mail and postal mail about this great project.  It has your unique identification number through which you can check your order from last year. If you haven’t gotten it or need it again, please contact:

Helen Weinstein at 516-526-9449 or Ariella Lester at 516-606-4234

Looking forward to your participation in this great event!