Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee is a forum to discuss the future of our Temple and our meetings are open to all members who wish to attend and contribute.  The purpose of our meetings is to freely discuss our vision of the Temple from 6 months to ten years down the road.

All meetings are an open discussion of all Temple matters and ideas for the future, from events to education, and from maintenance to community.  It is not the purpose of Long Range Planning to implement an idea.  Instead, if an idea takes hold and fosters enthusiasm, we try to direct to the proper committees or personnel.  This is why we encourage all committees to be represented, in order to bring the information back to their meetings.

As the chair of Long Range Planning I facilitate the meetings and keep a record of our discussions.  Occasionally I will make an opening statement but I try to use most of our meeting time going around the table and encouraging everybody to contribute.  Some ideas start discussions, some don’t take hold, and some will require future brainstorming.  However, no idea is too small or out of the ordinary.  We never know when even the smallest off handed comment is a seed waiting for the right circumstances and members to nourish it and help it grow into something our Temple can be proud of.

At Long Range Planning, we see your Temple membership as an investment, an investment in your child’s education, or your family’s spiritual well being, or your place in our community.  Like all investments, your membership at Temple Judea should have positive returns, everyday and for years to come.  However, we, as members, have the power to define the long-term benefits to the commitment we have made to our Temple.  Those benefits start with shared ideas and discussion, and a place where all members can be heard and considered.  The Long Range Planning Committee meetings are such a place and you are welcomed to come help us direct the future of Temple Judea.

Please watch the Temple’s calendar for future meetings and feel free to email me with feedback or ideas.

Joshua Sayer
Committee Chair