Membership Committee

membershipTemple Judea is entering its second 50 years of exciting and vibrant representation of Reformed Judaism on the North Shore of Long Island. Membership in our Temple brings with it a strong feeling of being part of a warm and friendly family. You will have the chance to participate in a wide range of activities, events and programs that touch upon life within our Synagogue as well as the community surrounding our building and premises. We invite individuals and families to deepen their personal Jewish choices and are committed to reaching out to those not yet members of a local congregation. At the same time, we seek to continue reaching in to our own congregants and draw everyone closer to Judaism and the Jewish community. Through our Membership Committee, we focus on attracting, recruiting, welcoming, integrating, engaging and retaining members to help them find a lifelong place for themselves within our congregation.

Here at Temple Judea, our goal is to promote an atmosphere that touches members in a significant way while encouraging the making of Judaism and the Jewish community as important facets in their lives. We also look to respond to the changing needs of our congregants, creating a sense of “belonging” during all life cycle events. With involvement in any of our diverse committees or interesting and entertaining programs, members are instilled with the feeling of having a significant role in the growth of our Temple with the chance to serve as congregational ambassadors.

Membership in Temple Judea is open to any person of the Jewish faith, or any family unit with one spouse of the Jewish faith. There are several Membership Categories, such as single/married, ages 25 through 35, 36 through 64 and 65 and older. Details as to dues and requirements as to each can be obtained through contact with our office at 516-621-8049. We are available to meet with prospective members on a one to one basis, and offer tours of the Temple and its facilities.

Many congregations are faced with the challenge of having people become involved with their temple life and synagogue. Here at Temple Judea, we are confident that with our new and resourceful clergy, coupled with the guidance and input of lifelong members, you will find our setting the perfect home for the following of Judaic traditions and customs.