Purim Package Pickups 3/8 – 3/13

If you had the chance to do something that was fun, made other people happy, and was a mitzvah at the same time, wouldn’t you do it?

WRJ Sisterhood is holding its Seventh Annual

Purim Package Project

What is a Purim Package? It is the giving of food and gifts to friends and family. It is a heartfelt way to create meaningful connections within our temple community.  Through this project, you can participate by giving beautiful gift packages that will include Purim-related items like hamantashen, juice, fresh fruit, chocolate and other items to make this a special treat.

You received information about this great project both by e-mail and postal mail explaining how the program works. Looking forward to your participation in this meaningful event.


February 24 for Mail in Orders

 February 28 for Internet Orders

(March 8-13 Pick-up dates at the temple)

Use wrjoftj.happypurim.com to place your orders

Need more info? Call Helen Weinstein at 516-526-9449