Sponsor a Shabbat at Temple Judea

  Sponsor a Shabbat

Photo by Moe Stern

Choose where your sponsorship is directed:

Shabbat Music, Pre-service Nosh, Post-service Oneg Shabbat

Pre-Service Nosh – For our 6:30 PM Friday Shabbat Services your sponsorship will provide cheese, crudités and wine in our lobby starting at 6:00PM. The cost of sponsoring the pre-service nosh is $180.  The cost of contributing to the nosh is $36.

Post-service Oneg – For our 7:30 PM Friday Shabbat Services your sponsorship or contribution will provide a beautiful spread of cookies, cakes and fruit. The cost of sponsoring an entire Oneg is $250.  The cost of contributing to the Oneg is $54.

Shabbat Music – Various musicians can accompany our services (a drummer, klezmer pieces, violinist, etc).  With your generous sponsorship we will provide a musician or musicians.  The cost of sponsoring each musician is $200-300.   Your generous sponsorship would give us the chance to enhance the music of our worship service with a number of wonderful singers and or musicians. If you so choose, at our Friday night service you could sponsor two to four members of our professional quartet and / or some of our previously featured and very talented musicians such as Akiva the Spiritual Drummer, Ken Maltz, our lively clarinetist, Tom Karolyi, the sweet violinist or even the Klezmer Band.

For all of the above sponsorships, the name of the honored individual will be included in our Friday night brochure, will be read from the bima and will be listed in our Voice of Judea Bulletin.

For more information about Shabbat Sponsorship, please contact Maxine at 516.621.8049

or maxexec@temple-judea.com



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