Sponsor a Musical Shabbat

Dear Temple Judea Families,

It is with great excitement that I would like to offer you the unique opportunity to

“Sponsor a Musical Shabbat”. Your generous sponsorship would give us the chance to enhance

the music of our worship service with a number of wonderful singers and or musicians. If you so

choose, at our Friday night service you could sponsor two to four members of our professional

quartet and / or some of our previously featured and very talented musicians such as Akiva the

Spiritual Drummer, Ken Maltz, our lively clarinetist, Tom Karolyi, the sweet violinist or even

the Klezmer Band.

If you choose to sponsor additional music, we will include your name, if you wish, in our

Shabbat Brochure, our Bulletin and on our website. You could sponsor a Special Musical

Shabbat in honor of an anniversary or milestone in your family, in honor of a loved one or even

an event at the temple such as Yom Ha’atzmaut, (Israeli Independence Day), Anniversary

Shabbat where we honor those who have been members at our temple as well as Board


If you are interested, please speak with me as to the fee and scheduling involved.

The possibilities are endless, and you will be sharing the joy of music with all of your temple

friends as well as engaging the community in a worship service that will enlighten and enliven

our souls!!

B’shalom, v’shira,

(with peace and song)

Cantor Abbe Sher