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I didn’t put spaces in before I started, to be able to raise or lower images so that the home page would look best;  they all have borders (not important); they are all “resized” to 100 by 100 (using advanced settings) but are not the same;  I did add some spacing, also using advanced settings; would need to add words Video of Reform Judaism, Suggestion Box, Ask the Rabbi above or below the image; would want to be able to add amazon shopping icon as 4th image and be consistant in format and words; would want to be able to add 5th image if we had one, by making each of these a little smaller (but without re-creating the world); need to be sitting in a pale blue border (like existing banner but pale blue);  would need to add before images ” Click on Image to …” ;  I added link to get to reform Judaism video already, but didn’t do the others yet (link is in the boxes below); if/once this works, the two boxes below (ask the rabbi and suggestion box) could go.  this would go on home page above the existing nivo slider; can’t think of more