Volunteer Choir

When you were younger and attended services at your synagogue, did you enjoy singing in with the Cantor and visualize being on the bimah before the congregation?  Or maybe when the candles were lit on Hanukkah, you wished you were leading fellow temple members in enjoying the festive holiday?  Or maybe you just love chanting songs along with others, or even taking on a solo or two?  If you answer any of these questions with a heartfelt “Yes”, then you will totally love joining the Volunteer Choir here at Temple Judea.  (We even believe that if your answers were a tepid “Maybe”, you will still be taking the right step to bond with all of us who have been very happy members.) 

Some eighteen years ago, a meeting was held at Temple where the Rabbi and Cantor asked those that attended if there was anything that could be done to embellish membership.  I rose my hand and mentioned that as I grew up through Hebrew school, I was a chazzan (singing on the bimah during services) and would love to start doing that again as an adult.  However, we had a professional choir then, so to assist in leading services was not just in the mix.  However, our Cantor then, Richard Berman, asked me to help put together a “volunteer” choir to add some extra tunes on special days.  Over the years, we have become more involved, and enjoy both assisting in regular services as well as performing on special occasions.  The best part, THERE IS NO AUDITION!!!  You want to sing….just let us know.

It is our hope that you add your voice to our choir and join us in what we all know to be a joyful and accomplishing contribution to the vitality of Temple Judea.

Tod Groman

Committee Chair