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High Holidays Info. 2014

Members are entitled to free tickets for themselves and their unmarried children, ages 19-25. Children from 1st grade to age 18 years DO NOT need tickets.

Tickets may be purchased for single children ages 26 years and older, married children, grandchildren, parents of members, fiancees and significant others.These tickets are $95.00 each. Newlyweds (within the past twelve month period) are extended a cordial welcome as guests of the Temple.

Special guest tickets maybe purchased for brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. These tickets are $200.00 each.

Members in good standing of out-of-town congregations may request tickets by having their home Temple mail or fax to the office a Courtesy Request Form.  Should you need such a form to go elsewhere, our office can provide it for you.