During these times we think about temple – but where?

It can be so overwhelming at some synagogues if you don’t know the other members or the songs. Maybe you can’t read Hebrew or the prayers just don’t engage you. But you still need a place to celebrate these important moments…

There is a place that’s different.

Where everyone is welcome no matter what or who you know – a place where the only thing that matters is your love for Judaism and your desire to share your life’s moments with others who share that love.

That place is Temple Judea.

Call today (516) 621-8049 to learn more about the Temple Judea family and rethink your temple experience.



Sponsor a Shabbat

On-line Video Streaming

Sponsor a Shabbat online
Sponsor a Shabbat in honor or memory of your special person or event.  Click here for more information
Can’t make it to Temple?  Video Streaming of services is available, either live or archived for future viewing.  Access via Quiklinks (below) or “Live Video of Services” page, under Worship menu. Click here for more information.

Why Is Our Religious School Different?

Sponsor a Musical Shabbat

relgious school musical notes
Our one-day-a-week individualized instruction, with significant Rabbi and Cantor interaction, provides for fun-filled, creative learning.  Please click here for more information.
Enhance the music at our Friday night service with talented singers and or musicians.  For more information, click here.


New Holocaust Resource Center Exhibit

Rabbi’s Torah Study 

On Friday, April 21 at 7:30PM, Join us in the Holocaust Resource Center for the introduction of the Hannah Kroner Exhibit and at 8:00PM,  Yom HaShoah services.  For more information, click here. Come study Torah on Monday mornings.  Participate in lively discussions and enrich your live.  Click here for more information.